My Sweet Escape: Your Escape Companion

Life can be stressing sometimes and you’ll reach the point wherein you badly want to have a break and escape. Escaping from the reality is never easy that’s why “My Sweet Escapeis here to help you!

Established last October 2016 by Telly Mina, My Sweet Escape, has been a great escape companion to its customers for 7  months now at S4 & S5 VM Mall, Soldiers’ Hills Village, Muntilupa City. Music is the owner’s first love but she loves food too that’s why she came up with this music  themed cafè.

When I opened the door, the sound of good music greeted me. The place is very cozy, it has clean white walls with attractive decorations. The store has a nice and relaxing ambiance. It is well ventilated and has free wifi. I just wish they could find a bigger space soon because the place is a bit small but I’m glad that they were able to make the most out of the small space! Every corner is picture perfect!

At first I thought their wooden tables and chairs are just ordinary but when I look closer, I found this little cute surprise! The chair’s cushion is like piano keyboard, isn’t it cool?!

With all pride and confidence, Ma’am Telly said that their food and drinks are products of 3 months of research and development. Knowing the hardwork that they put on their food made me even more excited to try some of their best-sellers and review it for you guys! So without further adeau, let’s get into the food!

Pesto, P70.00

When I first saw this Pesto, the first word that popped into my mind was WOW! It is a good amount of fettucini pasta topped with pesto sauce and parsley, served with grilled cheese on the side. It has meat and mushrooms in it. It is not oily and the pasta is well-cooked. This Pesto is very filling. The grilled cheese is the equalizer of the meal, it’s crunchy, cheesy and yummy. I felt like I was in an expensive restaurant because it tastes expensive.

Carbonara, P70.00

It’s Carbonara time again! Like what I’ve said I’m not a carbonara lover but I can’t resist this carbonara garnished with bacon bits and parsley, served with grilled cheese as well. The pasta is on point and the sauce has the right consistency. It has the creaminess that works for me. The bacon bits and the meat that’s on the sauce balances the creamy taste. This Carbonara is very delicious, carbonara and non-carbonara lovers should try this!

My Sweet Escape wants to offer pocket-friendly dishes that’s why they have combo meals! You can combine the pasta of your choice with either coffee, frappe or milk tea for Php 125.00 to Php 140.00 only! The pasta dishes that they served to me are paired with Salted Caramel  Frappe and Wintermelon Milk Tea.

Pesto with Salted Caramel Frappe – P125.00, Carbonara with Wintermelon Milk Tea – P140.00 (add P10.00 to uplarge Frappe and Milk Tea)

Served in a large glass mug and topped with bluish-white whip cream, this creme-based Salted Caramel Frappe deserves a spot in your instagram feed. (Shoutout to that to colorful flower crochet coaster that made this drink even more instagramable!) This frappe exceeded my expectation, it’s sweet but not very sweet. In just one sip, you can already taste the subtle salted caramel. Its yumminess didn’t changed until my last sip that’s why I love it!

Large Wintermelon Milk Tea, P85.00

Milk Tea is a popular drink and loved by many. If you’re a milk tea lover you should definitely try My Sweet Escape’s Wintermelon Milk Tea! The presentation is the same with the frappe and it tastes good too. I think it is a hard-pressed tea because it has the strong taste that I like but its perfect milkiness and sweetness balances it all out. I love My Sweet Escape’s sustaining powers, their drinks tastes the same until the end and that makes it special!

Churros with Chocolate Dip, P55.00

Look at how that those Churros are presented, it is oozing with style and creativity! It has three different dips to choose from, the chococlate, white chocolate and the blueberry dip. In my case, I tried the Churros with chocolate dip. I liked that fact that My Sweet Escape didn’t copy the taste of popular churros brands, they made it their own. The churros alone is tasty, it is soft, fluffy and not oily at all. When I tried it with the chocolate dip, its taste became so much better! 

From left to right. Mint Chocochip Ice Cream, Unicorn Ice Cream, P30.00

Served in a cute little white bowl, these home-made ice cream scoops captured my sweet tooth! The Mint Chocochip ice cream has a really nice color. It has generous amount choco chip in it. It’s creamy and chocolate-y with a little hint of mint in the end! 

I can’t explain the I excitement that I felt when I found out that they have Unicorn Ice Cream! And I’m happy that it didn’t disappoint me. I love that it is very thick and creamy but not too sweet. It has this nice smooth and sticky consistency. It’s a bit pricey because member it’s a home-made ice cream but it’s worth it! I can’t decide which one is  my favorite between Mint Chocochip and Unicorn Ice Cream and I think that’s nice!

The 3 months of research and development of My Sweet Escape’s food and drinks was all worth it. In every bite or sip, their hard work is reflected. It’s a job well-done!

PS. I will not post the complete menu, it’s for you to find out.

To add more fun on your escape, My Sweet Escape has some books to read, board games that you can play with your friends for free!

And since it is a music themed cafe, you can leave all your worries and sing your hearts out while you’re here with this super cool microphone that has built in speaker. All you have to do is connect it to your phone and play your favorite karaoke song. You can also play their guitar while having a lot of fun!

During my visit at My Sweet Escape, I felt disconnected from everything that is stressing me out for a while. And I walked out of the store with so much confidence and courage to face anything that life will throw at me.

If you want to experience what I am talking about go ahead and escape with My Sweet Escape at S4 & S5 VM Mall, Soldiers’ Hills Village, Muntinlupa City.


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