#HealYourHunger at The MUNCH Lab by Cafetearia!

When you are sick, there’s only one place to be and it’s hospital. What if tell you that you can still go to the hospital even if you are just hungry? Sounds funny right? Because we all know the fact that most of the hospitals don’t serve enticing and delicious food but the hospital that I am about to share with you guys will change your perception about hospital.

Last Tuesday, May 29, I got admitted in a hospital-themed café called The MUNCH Lab by Cafetearia. The place is nice and cozy, very welcoming. I like the combination of white, red and black it complements well! I notice that their nice staffs are dressed as nurse and I think that’s cool.

The right side of The MUNCH Lab’s second floor.

Here’s how the left side looks like.

The ground floor.

I was diagnosed with EXTREME HUNGER! I know I’m in the right place that’s why I didn’t worry that much. Curious about what The MUNCH Lab prescribed to me? I will break down the list for you!
First on the list is their BEEFY, CHEESY NACHOS! It is served in a bean-shaped stainless bowl, topped with meat, salsa and cheese with cheese syringe on the side. These nachos stood by its name because it is really beefy and cheesy. I love everything about it especially the salsa. It is also good for sharing because of its generous serving!


Next on the list is the SWEET AND SPICY WINGS that’s also served in a bean-shaped stainless bowl. What I like about this dish is the right balance of sweetness and spiciness of their sauce, but I think the chicken meat needs some improvement. And when that improvement happens, these sweet and spicy wings will fly high!


The next dish is everyone’s favorite! Yes, you got it right! It’s none other than Pizza! From the looks of it, this yummy and cheesy HAWAIIAN PIZZA looks ordinary right? But the moment you bite it, you will never look at this pizza the way you did before. It is must try!

HAWAIIAN PIZZA (Php 180.00, Medium)

Pizza and pasta always comes in pair that’s why The MUNCH Lab’s best-selling CARBONARA is next on the list. To tell you guys honestly, I’m not a carbonara fan that’s why I’m a bit hesitant with this but this carbonara has great convincing power. And I was surprised because l liked it or should I say “I love it”. It’s creamy, cheesy, meaty and tasty!

CARBONARA (Php 85.00)

Now onto the refreshments! I was able try some drinks, milk tea and milk shake on their Menu. Let’s start with their HOUSE BLED ICED TEA and PINK/BLUE LEMONADE that is served in an erlenmeyer flask! It’s just your ordinary drink that will quench your thirst. But their milk tea and milk shake has something special to offer. 

HOUSE BLEND ICED TEA on the left and BLUE LEMONADE on the right (Php 20.00)

PS. The PINK LEMONADE in missing because one of my friends got too excited to sip it!

The WINTERMELON MILK TEA which is also served in an erlenmeyer flask was one of my favorites, it tastes so good that you just want sip after sip after sip while the TRIPLE CHOCOLATE MILK  SHAKE is a show-stopper. It is served in a big beaker topped with cookies, pretzels and wafer sticks. I liked the fact that it’s chocolate-y but it’s not very sweet, it also has nuts that complements well to the chocolate-y flavor.



Last on the prescription list is The MUNCH Lab’s signature burgers! The first burger that I tried is called BASIC LIFE SUPPORT BURGER MEAL, it is a cheeseburger served with cheese and ketchup syringes. It tastes good because it is made with good quality of ingredients that’s why it also looks good. 


The DIET AS TOLERATED BURGER MEAL is the star of the show for me! It is a double-cheese burger with bacon, spam, egg and hashbrown served with fries and drinks on the side. With these ingredients expect that this buger will not only #HealYourHunger but will also please your taste buds.  It is the best! 


While munching big bunch of food, I played JENGA and SCRABBLE with my friends. They have more than 30 board games and books that you can use for free, that’s why the owners decided to remove the wifi. According to them they want their customers to have an ultimate bonding experience without any interruption from their smartphones. I fell in love with that idea because me and friends had a really good conversation while having fun playing two of their board games! 

Overall, I had an awesome experience at The MUNCH Lab. They healed my hunger in a delicious, fun and affordable way I will definitely go back here and bring more friends with me!

If you’re planning to go to The MUNCH Lab, here’s their complete Menu so you plan your order ahead of time!

The MUNCH Lab by Cafetearia is located at Cabeza St. Pagasa Subdivision Molino Bacoor Cavite near Sto. Nino De Molino Parish Church and beside Southstar Drug Store. See you there!


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