Brew’s on fleek!

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How are you guys feeling today? I’m sure many of you are confused this past few days because of the weather here in Manila, right? For a moment it’s super hot and it makes you want to sip a cold drink. And then the rain will suddenly pour, you’ll be sleepy and will just find yourself drinking a hot coffee to wake yourself up. Worry no more because DEGZ’ Cold Brews got you covered!

DEGZ’ Cold Brews
is a five-month old coffee shop that serves coffee and non-coffee based drinks. Majority of their drinks are frappes and iced coffee so you’ll be able to beat the summer heat and keep yourself from falling asleep.

Here’s how DEGZ’ Cold Brews’ store looks like.

During my visit, I was able to try their best-selling drink which is the “White Chocolate Mocha”. Mocha is my go-to coffee flavor that’s why I was to excited to taste it! 

White Chocolate Mocha

I have no doubts why “White Chocolate Mocha” is their best-seller because it has the right blend. You’ll be able to taste white chocolate because of its right “creaminess” but doesn’t over power the mocha flavor. This drink has the perfect blend that I am looking for a coffee! 

White Chocolate Mocha

DEGZ’ Cold Brews is not your ordinary coffee. In every sip you’ll taste the difference! What sets it apart from other coffee is its preparation. The owners are proud to say that their ingredients are not ready made. Their coffees are specially prepared and brewed to perfection.

I’m sure you guys are wondering how much this coffee will cost you. Don’t worry because a cup of DEGZ’ Cold Brews will not break the bank because you can enjoy their tall cup for only Php60 and Php70 for their grande cup.

DEGZ’ Cold Brews’ Menu

Go ahead and give DEGZ’ Cold Brews a try and taste the difference!  Visit them at Molito Commercial Complex Alabang and at Robinson’s Place Las Piñas!


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