Make Your Own Havaianas 2017

Havaianas launched 90’s themed #MYOH2017 last May 11,2017 at SM Mega Fashion Hall and I was lucky enough to witness this amazing event! Thanks to @scoutmagph!

The 90’s babies and even the millenials were all so excited to make their own pair of their favorite flip flop brand!

With the wide variety of colors, styles, and pins to choose from, everyone’s creation was as unique as their personalities!

These guys and girls were busy in choosing the best color,style and pins for them.

Havaianas successfully transported everyone back to the 90’s because of the event’s set up! They had a game station area wherein you can play your favorite 90’s computer game like Super Mario and PACMAN!

They also gave everyone a chance to win a free burger. How cool was that?!

They also had this super cool photo area which was obviously intended to be the background of your selfie, groufie or your ig-worthy photos!

Here’s a picture of me on that super cool photo area!

The 90’s vibes was felt even more with the help of these items! Can you remember some of these?

Did you own one of these items before?

Every corner of this event was super instagrammable! One of my favorite spots was the entrance that has glow in the dark 90’s stickers! And it looks like this!

Oh wait there’s more! My most favorite among all those insta-worthy spot is the Scout’s photobooth wherein you can have your photos taken with some cool props! The best part is it’s free and you can also have a copy of Scout Magazine!

Photo taken from SCOUT’s photo booth!

I got the latest issue of @scoutmagph featuring Ronnie Alonte!

#MYOH is defintiely a must try activity! So if you haven’t tried making your own Havaianas, you still have a chance! Just visit @havaianasphils on instagram to know how!


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